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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Frequently Described Hard Drive Problems:

With many different hard drives available on the market these days it is difficult to know which to go for in order to reduce the chances of a malfunction or hardware error. But the truth of the matter is that regardless of what hard drive you buy the chances of a breakdown are just the same. Although no two companies manufacture a hard drive in the same way, the way in which all hard drives operate is fundamentally the same and therein lies the chance for malfunction. Be it a hardware or software glitch, a problem causing the blue screen of death or a persistent computer freeze, the chance for a fault to occur is always there as are we to help you recover your data should such a failure happen

Hard Disk Drive Platter & Head Fail:

Platter and head fails are often common problems when it comes to hard drives simply because of the amount of wear and tear put on a hard drive. Your average drive spins at 7200RPM, which is an incredibly fast speed for something as small and insignificant looking as a hard drive. But imagine the catastrophic damage that can be caused to the drive and your data should one of those platters spin off its normal axis or indeed if the head becomes detached from the small bearings that keep it in place. With such delicate hardware rotating so quickly it is hardly surprising that problems occur and we here at bracknell data recovery are here to help you should that happen.

Hard Disk Drive Failure To Initialise Errors:

If your hard drive fails to initialize then you have a problem that might be caused by bad sectors on the disk. These bad sectors – sometimes corrupted and sometimes missing – are the sectors upon which important pieces of software information in file formats are saved. The easiest way to quantify this is to think of a needle jumping across a broken record or laser skipping over a dirty or scratched compact disc. Just as the music on those two examples would not play or would be unlistenable so to would the information on a hard drive with initialisation errors been unreadable

Hard Drive Cable & Logic Board Disruption:

The Ribbon Cable and the Logic Board are two pieces of equipment that allow your hard drive to communicate with the computer into which it has been fitted. By sending information through the ribbon cable such as information to be stored as well as instructions from the firmware stored on the logic board, the hard drive communicates with the motherboard and carries out your data saving and writing requests as and when you require. Problems can arise if the cable is kinked or comes away from its fixing end connectors or if the logic board has been damaged as a result of a power surge. We at bracknell data recovery can help you recover your important data if you have problems relating to these pieces of hardware.

Firmware Failures:

Firmware is something that many people who own and use computers have heard of; but few ever have had dealings with. That’s because as a general rule the firmware that has been installed onto the printed circuitry of your hard drive does exactly what it should; which is to send commands and instructions from hard drive to motherboard and back again. Sometimes though the lines of communication break down if the firmware is old or has been superseded by a newer version that the user is unaware of. Failure to download the firmware and install it correctly can lead to hard drives not carrying out their allotted tasks and information either being lost or being locked to the user. Even a correct installation can cause problems so there are times when updating can cause more hassle than if you left things be. We have years of experience when it comes to dealing with faulty firmware issues and will be only to happy to help diagnose your firmware problems

Hard Drive Seizure and Errors Reported Through Operating System:

Hard drive degradation is something that occurs if the hard drive has had a longer than expected life expectancy, or if the hardware itself has suffered some kind of malfunction or damage. Sectors of the disk, like individual grooves on a Vinyl record, store information relating not only to your data but also to how the drive should operate in conjunction with the computer it is fitted to. A slowly degrading hard drive is bad enough but continual booting and rebooting of a computer will increase the likelihood that the drive will completely give up if you do not take steps to (a) secure the data on it and (b) try and find out if the disk is repairable. At bracknell data recovery we can help with both of those questions and although we may not be able to repair every hard drive we encounter we have a very high success rate when it comes to retrieving the data stored on them

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