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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Camera Memory Cards Misgivings:

Memory cards as we all know are small and delicate pieces of hardware and as such are often more susceptible to damage then hard drives or portable storage devices. With this in mind they are also capable of sustaining errors because of their own internal failings and can sometimes be very difficult if not impossible to retrieve your data from. With this in mind can offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to recovering your data from these intricate and oft too easily damaged devices/p>

Camera Memory Card Pin Destruction:

If you have owned or have ever seen a memory card you will now that there are a series of pins at their end, which connects to the recipient connectors inside a card reader, be it an external or internally fitted card reader. With this in mind these pins can often become damaged through general wear and tear or because they have been exposed to extreme heat, cold or damp. We at can recover your data from such a memory card even if the pins are damaged whereas simply trying to clean then and reinsert them into a card reader will do nothing to cure the problem and may actually make it worse

Camera Memory Card Flash NAND Suffers Magnetic Interference:

NAND flash memory is the kind of memory contained with memory cards that as a general rule cannot be formatted or deleted unless the user of the memory card instigates the process. However there are exceptions to this rule and one such exception is when the memory card is introduced into an area where a large electromagnetic field is present. You may not consider it but there are magnetic fields in and around your home and workplace on a daily basis and there are strong enough to cause irreparable damage to the memory card. Items such as washing machines, satellite recording devices and even household DIY tools give off enough of a magnetic charge so as to render the card useless without your knowledge. We at however can help your retrieve your data should this occur and also offer helpful advice and hints on how best to store your memory cards safely.

Accidental Formatting or Deletion of Camera Memory Card:

It is sadly a fact of life that we as humans make mistakes and one of the mistakes we regularly make is to delete items from a storage device without thinking or without considering whether or not we will need them again. In addition to this we often format memory cards when we should be deleting their contents and to this end we at are often called upon to help recover the missing data. If you have accidentally erased data or formatted a memory card the first thing you should do is remove the card and keep it somewhere where it cannot be used again until you have contacted us. Writing new material or formatting the card again will make it virtually impossible for even the hardened professionals such as us to retrieve your data so once you have realised your mistake remove the card and contact us

Camera Memory Card Operating Slowly or Causing Your Computer To Warm Boot:

If you have recently used a memory card that has taken longer than normal to load then you may well have a problem. The slowing down of data retrieval is a sure sign that there is a problem with the storage device and you would be well advised to seek professional advice from us at before proceeding. Likewise if you have inserted your memory card into an internal or external card reader and this has caused the computer to crash then the chances are the card reader has developed a firmware issue, which cannot be rectified by either it or the computer to which it is attached

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