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Customer Hard Drive Problems

I have an old eMachines computer that I bought from PC World back in 2009. I say old it was top of the range then but has not faired well as technology has advanced. That said I love it and I find it easy to use. Recently though I installed a new hard drive after my old one gave up the ghost. I thought fair enough it owes me no favours so bought a generic hard drive online for a reasonable sum. It’s a 500GB drive. I installed everything and thought I was up and running until the computer started to switch itself off and back on. At first I thought it was a power problem but the problem continued. At the beginning of the problem I used to get the BSOD but now I don’t get that. The computer simply restarts itself and asks me to repair my software or specify where it can find the last good configuration. I have done this time and time again only for it to tell me that there is a problem and restart. I don’t have another machine and have had to write this on my computer at work. Until such times as I can afford a new machine can you help me get what I need off the hard drive or is it gone for good? I’m a novice when it comes to PCs and swapping a hard drive was struggle enough.

I wonder if you can help me. I’m using an old desktop computer (Hewlett Packard) is as much as I can tell you about its make etc. It has served me well and I have been using it a lot for course work for University. Against the best intentions of my friends and family I haven’t been backing it up to anything external and now I cannot access anything on the drive. When I boot the computer up it goes to the Windows dashboard but when I go to My Computer or try to access a document through Word etc it simply tells me that the Hard Drive is Write Protected. I don’t know anything about computers and had a friend at Uni check it over. He said there was no permissions set so there should be no reason for it happening and all he could suggest was swapping it for another drive. He told me I could access my drive through a slave (whatever that is) but that doesn’t work either so I now have a computer with two hard drives. But the one I need access to is telling me I can’t have it. I really need help with this.