External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

Software Fault £199

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Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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Familiar Hard Disk Drive Qualms:

Many people consider external hard drives to be nothing more than a hard drives in a carry case and for the most part this is true. And just like an internal hard drive external hard drives can develop faults whether being moved around or left in the same place for long periods of time. Just like internal drives external HDDs are prone to head, actuator, platter and bearing failures and as such require the same amount of care and attention when it comes to retrieving information from them that might otherwise be lost. If whilst connected to your home or office computer setup your external hard drive fails the chances are all of your data could be lost. However by contacting us here at bracknell data recovery we can help to recover this data with minimal risk to its integrity

External Hard Drive Onboard Mechanical Failure:

The components that keep an external hard drive going are complex and intricate in design and as a result are prone to breakage or failure through general wear and tear. Running a hard drive at between 3600 and 7200RPM will ultimately take its toll on the device as too will excessive moving of the device without properly shutting it down. For example an actuator arm that functions properly can move back and forth from the edge to the middle of the drive upwards of 50 times a second. Try to visualise the damage a faulty actuator arm would cause if it snapped taking the read/write heads with it. Not only does this render the disk useless to write to but also to access your existing data from

External Hard Drive USB, Cable & Connector Failings:

As a general rule most of the external hard drives available on the market today operate via USB. Some will function using USB 2.0 and some will allow the transfer and receipt of data via USB 3.0. But both of these methods of transfer require the user to connect the external hard drive to the computer using a USB cable. Herein the potential for problems lies as not only is the USB cable prone to breaking the link if it is kinked or bent out of shape, but also the fittings which connect USB male to female are susceptible to decline after multiple insertions and removals. Also firmware may have some bearing on the ability of a USB device to function if it is not up to date or has been corrupted

External Hard Drive Firmware Requirements:

Firmware – whether it come ready built into the external device or installed via CD or DVD – is the program by which the storage device understands how it is supposed to communicate with the computer to which it has been connected. This is similar to sending instructions out with flat pack furniture in order to help build it. The firmware tells the hard drive how it should behave in relation to the processes carried out by the computer and how it should save, read and write information sent to and from it via USB. To this end firmware although for the most part unseen, is an integral part of your external hard drive and its failure can have dire consequences. All is not lost however as we at bracknell data recovery can help repair problematic firmware installations and at the very least make sure your data is retrievable through the use of our sophisticated and up to the minute procedures

External Hard Drive Functioning Below Normal Standards:

An external hard drive – just like its internal counterpart – will show signs of degradation and operating below par in the run up to a complete failure. This is most often demonstrated by first spinning up with a loud grating sound, beeps emanating from your PCs speaker (these beeps come from your motherboard and your motherboard manual will tell you their meaning) or the computer itself will fail to respond every time the external HDD is connected. Disconnecting the drive may allow the computer to work but presents you, the user, with the problem of having no way of accessing your data. We at bracknell data recovery can help with this as for the 15 years we have been dealing with the problem of external HDD degradation and eventual failure on a daily basis

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