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Hard Drive Failure

I’m using a Seagate 1TB Go Flex external disc as an addition to my home recording setup and have been sending the files from my DAW directly to the folders on the drive. When I finish recording a track the saved file is sent to the drive and the samples are all sent to their respective folders. The idea here is that when I take the drive to another studio a click of a mouse can get the folders aligned. But yes, you’ve guessed it, the drive has developed a problem and every time I start the computer up the drive is not recognized and once in every half a dozen boots the BSOD appears and tells me that I need to restart. At first I thought it was just the one computer was the problem so swapped to another in my studio but now the drive is also doing the same on it and also telling me that the data on the drive is neither readable or writeable. I’ve got a couple of albums worth of music finished and in demo form spread across the folders on this disc and I really need to retrieve them otherwise the last 18 months have been a complete waste. If I bring you the disc can you restore it?

I’ve got a Toshiba 1TB CANVIO Basics drive that is being used to provide me with additional storage on my laptop that is running Windows 7. It hasn’t given me any bother until lately when it started dropping out at the wrong times and seems to have been going into hibernation when no hibernation period has been set. I searched the internet and found some articles that seemed to suggest the device manager was picking up the wrong driver and that I should update. I tried this but it made no difference. In fact I think it has made the problem worse now because whenever I switch the computer on the drive starts to spin up but goes no further than that. I’ve even carried out a system restore to put the computer back to when the original driver was installed but it’s made no difference and now I’m getting a blue screen of death on a regular basis and if not that then chkdsk asking me to verify the drive isn’t full of bad clusters. The furthest I’ve got now is to safe mode but can’t get anything off the drive, I need your help.