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Camera Data Recovery


I have been using a Sony Camera Memory Card with my camera, and I need some help getting the photographs off of the card. I didn’t have a problem with the card until I tried to take a photograph using the camera when there was a low battery. The camera shut itself off while the photograph was being saved, and when I turned the device back on, the camera said that there was an ‘error formatting memory stick’. I stopped the process there, and took the card to my computer. I plugged it into a card reader, but the computer won’t recognise that the card is there. I can’t use the camera as a connector to the computer, but the card has a lot of photographs on there that I really need.


I use a removable memory card with my digital camera, but I am suddenly experiencing some problems. I have a lot of photographs on the card, but this morning when I opened up the camera, it is reporting that there are no photographs in the archives. I have not deleted any of the pictures, or done anything to the camera which might have damaged the card, but the pictures are no longer available for me to view. I think there might be around 300 pictures on the card, so I was pretty anxious to recover them. I put them into a card reader, but when the folder appeared on the computer, there was only one or two files available, maybe 5 or 6. The card itself has 3GB of storage space, but although there are only a small amount of pictures available, the computer and the camera both think that there is only around 1.7GB left, which should match up with the large number of photos in the card. I think this must mean that the pictures are still on the card, somehow, but I can’t access them.