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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Unbranded USB Flash Drive 32GB
I use a generic USB flash drive that I bought at a discount electronics store and use it primarily to play music on my car. I have about 20GB of music loaded on it and when I tried to stick it into my laptop to add more music, it just won’t have it. It won’t get detected, the light blinks though and the device heats up.

Unbranded USB Drive 16GB
Hello everybody! I am using a generic (bought wholesale from a WH Smith store) USB flash/thumb drive with a capacity of 16GB. They are to be given away by my company to our clients however I am encountering a problem with the drives. It’s already been a few months since we bought them (the drives have been sitting in our supplies room) and we can’t get a refund on this. I started using the drives and as I tried to transfer files unto them, I noticed that they only copied file one by one. Even if you tried to copy just 2 empty text files, they won’t let you copy it. And then, the USB just died. Is there a way that I can revive this USB flash drive and protect it from future data recovery attempts?