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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I have a Dell PowerEdge 1800 server which is currently working on a Windows XP operating system. I wanted to improve the OS to Windows 7, and I needed to reinstall the server using the disks. This is where the problem has started. After I ran the disks, it became clear that some of the disks in the server were not spinning around, and I could not see the data which had been saved to the drives. I decided that this upgrade wasn’t working well, so I reinstalled the XP operating system over the Windows 7. Now the server won’t load up at all. If I set up the XP to function normally, it cannot find any of the drives which I am using on the server array, which contain all of my data. These drives are set up in a RAID 5 formation, so even if one of the drives has gone, the others should be able to show my files.


I am trying to solve a problem with a Dell PowerEdge 4200 which is running four disks on a RAID 5 array. The computer keeps sending error messages saying that two out of the four disks have failed suddenly. When I try to look at the disks online, I see that there is only the drive folder, and none of the files and data that I had been storing on there. I tried to replace drive 1 and start up a rebuild. This did not work, so I decided to remove both drives named as failed, and replace them with brand new hard drives. This has not worked either, and I am not able to get the data from any of the remaining drives. I then took all of the drives for data recovery to a local PC Repair shop, where I was told that the individual drives are working fine. The repair shop did not recover my data, however, and told me that I would have to do get a Raid Data Recovery Company to complete the recovery job as it was a very specialised data recovery service.