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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I have a Readynas server which I wanted to connect to a RAID 1 array which I have already created. The two hard drives in the array contain 2TB of storage, and I connected these through SATA ports into the motherboard. When I tried to boot up the motherboard, I am not able to see these drives through the BIOS screen, and there is no RAID available. I tried to connect to the RAID system, and there was no response from the array. This is something that I am going to need help with, because the 2 hard drives had already been used in the array before this, and used to record data on an old computer. The whole idea of creating the server was to give me access to these drives. If I can’t see the drives in BIOS, then I have no idea how I am going to connect my drives to the computer, so that the latter can read them and save the data onto the internal hard drive.


I have recently created a PC from scratch in order to use it as a gaming computer, and I went to put Windows 7 onto the computer as the operating system. I decided that the way to do this was through a set of split hard drives, with one drive being used in the computer, and another forming an external hard drive with RAID 1 data storage. I followed all the steps to ensure that the RAID was set up, and I started to store things onto the array, including games files, folders containing data about my game times, wins and so on, and also the webpages of a gaming forum I am moderating. I thought that everything was working perfectly, but when I looked at the system on Device Manager this morning, I saw that the array has lost the drives. I can see the array, and I can also see the two drives, which are apparently unconnected to the array, sitting at the bottom of the list of drives. I am not able to access any of the data which is on the drives, including the Oracle Databases which are essential.