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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I need some help with an HP ProLiant 5500 server which uses a hard drive array. I wanted to make the array configuration fit the system I that I was familiar with. I therefore created an array with 5 hard drives, 2 of them designed to take RAID 0, and a RAID 5 set up for the remaining drives. This seemed to work well for an age, and I have data including photographs and family documents stored on the drive. This morning, I received a message from the computer which says that the Drive array is not configured in one of the slots. It also asks me to run a configuration utility. I have already configured and used the drive, so I don’t want to use it again and risk any damage to the data inside the drives. I think that the problem with the system revolves around the RAID 0 configuration, as I can see the other drives in RAID 5. I assume that the RAID 0 drive is lost, but I want to extract the data from it. I very much need this data, and have to have it from the server array.


I need some help in processing a RAID 0 array which is on a Buffalo server. I wanted to move the drives onto a new server, so I took the hard drives out of the old array. I was trying to create a system rebuild, but I have now found that the server will not recognise the RAID 0 array. There are a couple of error messages that the computer keeps displaying, including one which says that a disk is unformatted. They are formatted, and have a lot of data on, so this worried me a lot. I don’t know which drive is the one causing this problem. I have tried everything to get the drives back up and working, as I want to continue using the server. I have mounted the array, and all of the lights are on the server, but the hard drives cannot be seen in the computer. I have not had any success in getting the data from the drives.