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RAID Server Repair


I have a server with a RAID system already installed. I fitted four disks in a RAID array, which involved setting up one of the disks as a mirror. I can make a copy of the disks, and even recreate the virtual raid, the system can see the parameters, the disk order, and all of the other information on the drive. The problem is that when I try to open the partition, there are only empty files which have been put on there by the computer. I have tried to scan the drives for some of these files, and did find a few which I was able to open, but they have all been damaged or corrupted. Only the smaller files, below around 65mb, are viewable. The rest are just a mess. I have not been able to recover these larger files, despite using a range of software. The fourth disk should not even have been recording files, it was a mirror, but seems to have unique files from the computer on there. I assume that this means that there is a serious problem with one of the RAID setups, or perhaps the controller.


I am using an ML server with a RAID controller. I have set up the RAID with 4 drives. This seemed to work fine, until there was a sudden crash in the whole system. Firstly, Windows crashed, and had to be rebooted, Blue Screen of Death and the whole works. Then, the server crashes, reporting a serious failure which is now stopping me from viewing the drives. I have rebooted several times, trying to recover the faulty drive or drives, and was given the option to activate the logical drive. I did this, and thought that Windows would boot up into the server. It didn’t. I have taken out all the drives from the array, but need to recover the data which is on the disks.