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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme 6525 which I have accidentally damaged. I was rebooting the system after an update, and caught my foot in the plug, pulling it out of the socket at the back of the tower. The whole desktop went completely black, and now I can’t even get a power-up from the Power button when I try to turn it on. There is not a single light, not even on the power button itself. I need to be able to get back into the system, as it is a work computer and contains information that I have to have for my job. I don’t see why I should have lost everything after a simple loss of power, but there doesn’t seem to be any other response. I have checked that the power connection isn’t damaged, and replaced it in order to be certain, but I am still getting the same response, or no response, from the computer. All of the important work I need is in the hard drive, and most of it was not backed up.


I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme which worked fine until last week, when the monitor suddenly went black. It stays black regardless of what I am doing to the computer, and while I can hear the tower fans and the hard drive humming as usual, I can’t see anything on the display even when I shine a light into the middle of the monitor. I can’t get a replacement monitor to work, either. I need help with this, because it is a serious problem which is preventing me from accessing my data. I have to have the information on the hard drive for a work presentation for tomorrow.