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Retrieve Data From A Lenovo Desktop PC


I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre M52 system to which I have added a number of different files and folders. I am having a problem which seems to revolve around the way that the computer shuts down at night. When I am working on the computer, I save files as I go, and they are put onto my Libraries folder, often in different named folders of their own. These files are available as long as I have the computer open. However, if I restart the computer in the morning after closing it at night, I find that I can no longer locate these files in the correct folders. I work for an accountancy office, and many of these files relate to client finance, including financial details, Profit and Loss calculations, and other details which make these details highly confidential and important to the business. The problem lies in the fact that I am not able to access this data after the first day, and that I can’t recover data once it has been lost. I need expert data recovery help in getting back this data, before the business loses its reputation.


I am using a Lenovo ThinkCentre A51 which has recently been formatted to allow me to install Windows XP on it. This is the 2002 Pro version, and I want to replace the very old Windows 2000 operating system which is starting to fail. I thought about upgrading to Windows 7, and perhaps I should have done so, since I appear to have lost a great deal of data, including driver folders and video and audio files. The main problem is that the computer is saying these drivers are not available for the system, even though I have tried updating them from the Microsoft website several times. I have tried to install these by downloading, and also by taking them from a USB stick. Neither attempts have worked. The drivers also affect the USB ports, which means that I can’t recover the data which was previously downloaded onto the computer, I simply can’t stick a USB drive into the ports and have the computer recognise it. I don’t know what else to do, but I really want to be able to recover the data that I should have on the computer.