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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I have an HP Pavilion A 1410N which was working well until I try to save some information to the drive. The problem stems from an archive program which was already on the computer when I bought it. Each time I save a document or a picture, this archive program appears, and it takes the data away, and won’t save it where I instruct it. There are documents and images missing from all over my records, and this is not good for my business. I need to be able to show evidence of my work soon, and I am currently not able to find it. I have tried to get the Device Manager and Task Bar to stop this program, called HP digital archive, from running, but it still appears. It will intrude whenever I am saving something, and I am fed up with continually losing items and data.


I have an HP Pavilion a620n, which is having some problems. The USB at the front of the computer has fallen off completely, and in the process of putting it back, I seem to have done something to the hard drive which has caused it to fail. I now can’t get onto the computer at all, except for the flash screen at the beginning. Bios won’t start up, and the computer won’t load Windows. I know that the hard drive is not going around, because I can’t hear it spinning around when I start the computer. The drive has a lot of data on it, and was basically a reference base for me when I wanted to look something up or do some research on my subjects. I have not saved this to an external drive, so the only data, files and folders available is in the system.