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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I have been using a custom-built PC for several months, and until just recently, have never had a problem with it. However, at the beginning of this week, when I powered up the PC, I received a message saying that the operating system was missing. I rang the tech who had built the machine, and was told to try a Windows 8 recovery disk, and to select Automatic Repair Tool. I did this, and the computer refused to repair, as it would not fix the problem I had. When I tried to refresh the PC, I was told that the hard drive was locked. I tried to restart the computer, and afterwards found that the USB ports are not working. I can’t access BIOS, or make any other choices, because the computer doesn’t see the keyboard. I have tried other USB ports, but everything is blocked.


I have a Windows 7 computer which recently had a BIOS update. This should not have been a problem, but I have been unable to get back into my desktop since that has happened. The BIOS seemed to install ok, and I ran a program called EZ flash in order to update the system quickly. However, when I rebooted the system, I got a message saying that the Operating System was Missing. I removed the CMOS battery, and changed the pin for a couple of seconds, then replaced it and started the PC again. However, in addition to not being able to get into the OS, I am also now getting message which says that the CMOS is bad. Each time I do a reset on any system, it seems as though I go further and further away from being able to access my desktop. I want to get some documents off of the system.