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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I bought a second-hard Compaq Presario some time ago, and it worked fine to start with. However, now the power light has gone out, and it won’t turn on, although the monitor is still working. I took the PC to PC World and paid £80 for them to diagnose the hard drive. They have diagnosed that the hard drive has failed and that it would have to be sent off to their data recovery lab to recover the data. They wanted £900 to recover the data so now I am looking at sending the hard drive to yourselves.


I have a Compaq EVO D500 PC which is making a strange whirring noise when I turn it on and won’t boot up. It is not to do with the CD or DVD drive, as I have checked this, but it does seem to be coming from the Tower. I have tried several different solutions to the problem, including pulling out all of the cables which are not necessary, unplugging the power cord and replacing it with another, and even swapping the monitor, and this strange whirring noise will not stop. I have spoken to some friends about it, and they suggested that I take off the fan, and try to clean it up using a hoover. I did this, and it was very dusty, so it might have been something to do with that.