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Mac Recovery


I have been using an iMac regularly for almost six months, but when I turned it on this morning I could only get a folder with a flashing question mark. I know that this is the ‘folder of despair’, and means that the hard drive cannot be found, and that the OS may have been lost as well. I use another hard drive in an enclosure, so I swapped the internal hard drive with this enclosure drive, using the latter as the OS drive to start up the computer. I then put the iMac hard drive into the enclosure, and ran it on the iMac. I cannot hear any clicks when I start up, but when it is in the enclosure, the bay light does not flash, but is instead just a constant green light. The drive might spin around for a second or so, but then stops completely. The drive is not visible in Disk Utility, or in Finder. I have some data on the drive that I very much want to recover before it is all lost.

iMAC 2009

I have an iMac 2009 which is showing problems with the hard drive. I was concerned because this computer is mainly used for work, and it carries a lot of important documents and images. I took out the drive from the iMac to get a better picture of these problems, and put it into an external enclosure. When I tried to get the drive to run, I could hear a strange clicking noise when the drive starts to spin, although that does not continue once the drive spins up properly. I bought a replacement drive from the same model, took out the PCB from the new disk, and put it into my hard drive. I can see the drive spinning, even after the swap, but I am still not able to see it on the iMac. Being unable to get the hard drive back on line means that I can’t access the data I need. I can’t run programs such as TestDisk, because the drive is not seen in Disk Utilities.