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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I am using a Toshiba Portege M600 which is giving me problems with passwords, so that I cannot get into my BIOS system. I have made my laptop secure by installing a password in the Windows screen, so that I have to enter a name or number before I can get into the OS. However, I am now having problems with a password in BIOS. I don’t remember going into this system and setting up security, but now there is a User and hard drive master password requirement. I know the user password, because that is the same as the Windows one, but when it comes to the hard drive, I am not able to access it. I have tried to boot up recovery programs so that I can override the password, but this is not happening. I have also removed the hard drive, and it still required that I submit a password, and would not accept the password which is used in the Toshiba. I currently cannot get into my hard drive because I can’t get the password right. Can yourselves unlock the Toshiba hard drive?


I am having problems with the hard drive in a Toshiba laptop. Recently, I received a few reports that there were about 8-10k worth of bad sectors on the hard drive, and so I decided to remove this, and put in a new drive. I then attached my hard drive using an external enclosure, in order to copy the data to the new drive. However, as I was plugging in the enclosure, I pulled out the hard drive, and it immediately stopped spinning. There has been no more response from the system. While the enclosure is plugged in, the computer will freeze up, and then start working again once the drive is removed. The laptop also wants me to format the disk. I decided to open up the disk, and really found nothing significant, but when I tried to move the hard drive with my fingers, I did some more damage.