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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a laptop which is a Sony Vaio E series system. It has an Intel processor and 400gb HD, with 2Gb ram. I have Windows 8 installed on it. I have been using this for a few months now, with no problem, until yesterday, when the system suddenly would not start. I can boot up into the start screen, and then go into BIOS, but when I try to get into Windows, it is just stuck on the loading page. I have tried accessing Windows through the BIOS menu, choosing Start Normally or Safe Mode. These do not work. I have also tried to get into the system to do a little bit more, such as looking at my hard drive. This is where the problems start, because BIOS is apparently not seeing the hard drive at all. It appears to be completely unavailable.


I have a Sony Vaio FZ240E which has suddenly stopped booting. What happened is that, a couple of months ago, one of the power jacks going into the laptop broke off, and I was not able to replace it until this week. I finally managed to get the new one, and installed it, but now the laptop won’t boot up into Windows. I can see the power light, and I can also see the hard drive light come on, and hear it start to turn. Then the hard drive light goes out, and the power light turns off. Anything plugged into a USB port, however, such as a USB flash drive, remains fully lit as through there was power in it. The external disk drive will start up, but I can’t hear a fan on inside the laptop, and the screen stays a blank.