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Samsung Customer Hard Drive Problems

HDD for Samsung RF Series RF711-S02
I own a Samsung RF Series RF711-S02 PC that has an Intel Core i7 processor and 4GB of RAM. Installed in it is Windows 7 Home Premium 6-bit. It has one hard drive with 750GB of storage space. The PC was fine and working well for 8 months and then one day it stopped working. I simply cannot get the PC to boot up, I have tried removing the internal disk and trying it on a work PC but the hard drive stopped my work PC from booting up. The IT Guy at work had a look at it and recommended you guys as it was outside his knowledge base.

Samsung ZIF Hard Drive
I am quite annoyed with a project I am doing with a client where I need to retrieve data from a potentially broken or corrupted Samsung ZIF (Zero Impact Force) hard drive (Samsung 60GB HS06THB). I bought two adapters to try pulling the data from it but both failed. I asked the seller about the possible cause of failure and I was told that it might be compatibility issues with the hard drive. Some brands tend to behave this way, he added. I need a Samsung recovery expert to look at this for me.