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Maxtor Customer Hard Drive Problems

Maxtor 5A320J0 Maxline II 320GB ATA/133 HDD
I have a Maxtor 5A320J0 Maxline II 320GB ATA/133 HDD). At present the hard drive does not hold its total capacity of 320 GB but it usually shows full. This may be caused by fragmenting of files (although that is just a hunch, no expert here). I just created a short film and saved it, but it seems like it was not stored correctly as the video files are corrupt when I open them. I have filmed new footage on my Camcorder sd card and badly need this video footage as I have spent months working on it.

Maxtor One Touch III Mini Edition 80GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive
I have this problem with my hard drive for quite some time now. I own a Maxtor One Touch III Mini Edition 80GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive that just suddenly stopped working one day. As far as I can remember, I think it began when I accidentally flipped the hard drive over, and it turned on and off a few times then rebooted longer than expected. However, since that time, I rarely used it to notice much of a difference. Then I needed to use it today. When I plugged it in, the computer prompted with “Scan and Fix It”. I did such since I wasn’t worried of losing any data stored in it. I just needed a storage device that I can use. The scan and fix option took a really long time. I even left my computer open overnight just to find out that it only scanned about 10% of the drive. Due to this, I think it must have stopped somewhere. I opted to stop the scan and fix process, and I found that it is still detected by my computer. But when I tried opening folders, it hangs and all I can do is close it using the task manager. In some cases, it freezes the computer that I have to force shut down it and open it again.