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Hitachi Customer Hard Drive Problems

Hitachi LifeStudio Desk 1TB
Hi, I bought my son a 1TB LifeStudio Desk for his school work in high school. I never knew of hard drives being complicated in my life however, this seems to have a pre-installed photo and video software that will not quit. My son needs a place to back up and store data and does not really have a need for the software that comes with it. The software automatically starts up and cannot be deleted – even reformatting doesn’t do the trick. This would’ve been negligible if it wasn’t for the annoying window/prompt that keeps on popping up. It also slows down my son’s laptop, which is an older Toshiba model – forgot the name, just maybe a 3 year old laptop that my older son used to have. We lived with the above problems for a few months but one day the hard disk would not get recognised, I tried it in several computers but still no joy.

Hitachi XL 3000, 3TB
I have a Hitachi XL 3000 with a space allocation of about 3TB. I stick with Hitachi products because they seem to have, well, for me and my colleagues at work anyway, the best record in terms of getting any problems with the hardware. With that being said, we are having a problem with this one 2 weeks after starting to use it. At first, I didn’t really seem to notice the performance until a co-worker of mine came up to me and told me that the buzzing of the hard drive is a little over the top. It was only then I gave notice that the buzzing it creates is actually noisier than the usual. This is my first hard drive that has its own power cable so I attributed the noise to that but apparently it shouldn’t be doing that either. I took the hard disk to out IT Dept but they could not get the data off the disk. The external disk contains critical data for a project we are working on so we need the data recovered from it.