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LaCie Data Recovery

My Lacie Big Hard Drive NAS suddenly stopped working, it is completely dead and won’t even turn on. Although it was a surprise to me, I happened to have bought a brand new NAS recently, and was planning to transfer the data from the Lacie NAS in time. It seems as though the time is now! I am not really very knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but I do want to be able to use this device in the future, and I need, I really must, recover the data from it. I am trying to clone the drives as we speak so that I have an image ready and waiting for me to practice my rescues on. I am using RAID 1 on the disks so it should be that each disk is completely recoverable. However, I am not sure about this and need some help before I go any further. I want to be able to read the data from the dead drive, that is all, I don’t need to recover the drive, only the data. I think that the problem is probably a power failure of some kind, so I am hoping that the disks are sitting in the Lacie drive, perfectly unharmed. Can you help?


I have been using a Lacie external hard drive as my backup system for some time. It has always worked well, so when it came to updating my computer to a Windows 7, I thought that the best thing to do would be to copy data to the Lacie, and then back onto the desktop when I was finished installing. Things have not quite worked out that way. The copying to the Lacie was fine, everything went fine. However, before I got a chance to restore all of the files and folders to my desktop, the Lacie failed. The operating system (now Windows 7) will not recognise it at all, and there is a clicking noise when I plug that hard drive into the power socket. I have not powered up more than twice, to prevent harm being done to the files.