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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have been using an Iomega external hard drive 2TB, which is split into two 1TB sections. There has recently been a big problem with these disks, which means that I cannot access them. The information held by these hard drives is really important, but at the moment when I plug the drive into the PC, I am not able to get the information I need. One of the disks is being described as uninitialized, and the other is telling me that I have to format it. I am using a Dell computer with several connections, and I can clearly see both drives in the Disk management, but am not able to do anything with them. I certainly don’t want to format them, as this would involve losing the data on there.


I was trying to back up 2 external hard drives, when unfortunately I suffered a power cut. Now it seems as though both of the machines have massive problems, and I cannot see the data which I know both should have. The first hard drive is saying that it is uninitialized, which I have seen before. The second is saying that it is MBR, which I don’t know what that means, and I am unable to look at the files. I constantly get requests to format it, and says “An Internal Error Occurred”. I have tried to use a couple of disc recovery programs, which are telling me that there are 2 partitions on the second drive. Trying to obtain the disks through the DMU shows me that they are in “Status BAD”, which cannot be a good thing. I can see that the data is still there, with a reading which shows that I have 1TB of memory in the combined files.