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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I have a D-Link ShareCenter in the 320 range which has suddenly begun behaving very strangely. I know that it was slow, and even when I updated the firmware it remained very backward. However, what has happened now is that the D-Link has suddenly deleted files and folders that were saved onto the drive. I was trying to do a scandisk in order to recover a file which had mysteriously disappeared overnight, and then right in front of me the folders started being deleted. I don’t know where they have gone, and I am struggling to recover them. There was no warning from the ShareCenter that it was going to do something like that, and I didn’t realise that it could even do it. The scandisk was almost finished when this happened, so I don’t know what has gone wrong. I assume there is some connection between me running this check, and the deletion of the files, although I wouldn’t have thought that scandisk would do this. The firmware had completely finished the day before, by the way, so there is nothing connected there.


I am using a D-Link ShareCenter 320 for movie files and streaming to my network. This was working well until I bought a new external device that connected to the D-Link through the USB port. I did not think this would be a problem, but when I linked the external drive to the USB, I heard a lot of crackling from the ShareCenter. I turned on the computer to link the two together (the USB and the D-Link), only to find that the latter had completely disappeared. I cannot find it on either the My Computer section, or the Drive directory. It simply does not show up. I have tried to find it in Disk Management Utility, and think that I found it, although not under the name I know it by. However, when I tried to assign it a drive letter, nothing happened. I unplugged the USB link and that is when I noticed a strange, rubbery smell. It seemed to be coming from inside the ShareCenter. The USB port, by the way, has also been completely fried, and I have had to replace it with a newly bought version. However, the most important factor is that I cannot now get onto my ShareCenter, and therefore cannot read my data. Can someone help me to recover the data?