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Buffalo Data Recovery


I was trying to fit some anti-virus programs into an old Windows server (2003), and failed to check for backups in my Buffalo Linkstation. I just went ahead, and installed the antivirus into the machine, and then rebooted as these programs always ask you to. However, the Windows Server failed to reboot correctly, and the Domain service did not begin when I entered the server. The Recovery console also will not start. The folder was set up for a Linkstation NAS using RAID 1, and this means that I cannot access the data inside the file, simply because my computer will no longer recognise the RAID. Instead, what seems to have happened is that the device disconnected from the Server while it was rebooting, with the result that the Domain was half-saved, and half-lost. I assume that the data remains on the Linkstation, but cannot access it from the computer. Is there some way that yourselves can recover the data, including restoring it to the Server?


I think that I have lost the data from my external hard drive. It is a Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo, with a RAID 0 display. Since yesterday, I have been receiving a message that my drive is ‘unformatted’, and the computer is unable to read the disks. I have removed both disks from the casing, and put them into an enclosure so that they could be read. Although it seems as though one of the disks is fine, and it is recognised as formatted in both Bios and the Drive Management Utility, there is no response from the other. It does not appear at all, and it appears to not be spinning when I insert it into the reader. I decided to take the PCB from the disks and switch them over, which meant that that the second disk started to spin, but there is still no reaction from my computer. It is as though I have not put anything in the machine. In changing the PCB, I also caused the other disk to stop spinning. As I have real problems with both disks, it seems, I need to use a professional data recovery company like yourselves.