Case Study 3: Dell PowerEdge 1800 Server – Failed Rebuild

Dell PowerEdge 1800 Server was setup in a four disk raid 5 configuration running Linux. The client started to get on boot process that the disks were in a non-critical state. The server then indicated that one of the disks had failed in the server. Client replaced the failed disk with a new disk and started a rebuild. Rebuild process failed after 6%. Client restarted rebuild process but failed again after 6%.

We got client to remove 4 disks from server and got client to drop disks of at our office. We diagnosed the disks and there was a electronic fault with 2 of the disks. We upgraded the PCB electronics and reflashed the firmware on hard drives. We then imaged the hard drives and processed 100% of data within 24 hours.

* We are the UK leading datarecovery experts in recovering data from failed rebuilds.