Case Study 2: Deleted Data From a Netgear ReadyNAS

Client has a 4 hard drive Netgear ReadyNAS system using Raid X. Client had been using the system for 3 years without any problems. Client started to have problems with the Netgear ReadyNAS system when she was removing backed up data from her computer to free up a bit of space. Client has a projects folder in her My Documents folder which was taking up a lot of space. Client decided to delete this folder as it was backed up on the Netgear ReadyNAS. Client deleted folder and then a few days later wanted some of the data for a meeting from the projects folder, so she connected to the Netgear ReadyNAS but the data was nowhere to be seen. The entire projects folder was nowhere to be seen and had vanished from the Netgear ReadyNAS. It seems when the client deleted the projects folder on her computer it deleted it on the Netgear ReadyNAS.

We received in the Netgear ReadyNAS and imaged all 4 drives on the system. We then examined the drive to locate the deleted folder by using our investigated tools looking at the binary code. We located the folder and extracted all data from it. We allowed client to download the data via our download service as she needed the data for a meeting.

* If you have deleted data from a NAS or Raid system we can recover the deleted data for you.