Case Study 1: Macbook Air – Could Not Get Past Login Screen

Client had been using laptop for last 16 months without and issues. One day the Mac Air would not let client past the login screen. The Mac was just hanging where the Apple logo appears and does not do anything past that. It’s as if it freezes, client also hear a some clicking noises from the Mac when it gets to that stage. It is trying to do something but just can’t get there! The operating system was Mountain Lion. The client had a lot of office documents on the Mac Air and also had his Bitcoin wallet on the Mac Air and had no backup.

We received hard drive in for recovery and quickly established that the hard drive had a mechanical problem with the motor and read write head assembley. We completed a platter exchange o the hard drive which involves removing the disk platters into another identical hard drive assembly and then imaged all sectors on hard drive. Data was backed up onto a 1tb hard drive and sent back to client within 48 hours.

* We are the No1 company within the UK for recovering data from failed Mac systems including Mac Air, iMac, Macbook Pro etc.