Lenovo Recovery


I have been using a Lenovo G580 which has been worked partially for business, and partially for home use. I have used the laptop to preserve details of trades done through eBay, and also through another business site. This worked fine for a while, but then one of my children decided to install a game on the computer. This was played for maybe an hour, and then the system froze. I could not even get it to shut down by pressing down and holding the power button, and in the end I had to remove the power cable. When I restarted the computer, I saw that it would not boot into the operating system. I tried to use the Roll-back recovery system, but the computer won’t load Windows and doesn’t seem to think that there is an operating system available. I have also used third-party recovery tools in an attempt to get at the data which is on the computer, but nothing has been successful. I have not been able to get back into my OS desktop since that day, and I now urgently need a data recovery company to recover the data that I had stored on the laptop.


I bought a new Lenovo Laptop recently, and was using it as the main computer for the home. It has a lot of data on there, including a complicated thesis which is part of my university course. I have a deadline for that and can’t afford to spend any time rewriting it, so the data is essential. The problem is that I am not able to open up any of the files or folders in My Computer. I can go into the properties using Disk Management, and see that the C: drive has a lot of information on there, at least some of which will be the thesis and the documentation related to that. When I come out of Disk Manager, and go into My Computer, however, while I can open up the Libraries Folder, and see the Documents, there are only a few files on there, and none of them relate to my thesis. I really need to recover this data, as it is the only source I have for the thesis, and time is running out.