GRAID Raid 5 Recovery


I am running a GRaid RAID 5 array connected to a Windows server. I have recently had some problems with the computer attached to this system, and eventually had to run a recovery program. While I was doing this, much of the data from the computer was saved onto the array. However, when I had finished the recovery, and wanted to re-install the data from the server, I found that I was not able to view any of the drives in the RAID 5 array. I did not see any potential for array damage when I chose the recovery program, but it seems to have lost the entire array. I can see the server box, where the files should sit, but none of them are there, not even the folders containing the drive information.


I have a RAID 5 configuration using 5 drives in a server array, which is used by the company to store data, client and financial details, and other, extremely sensitive, data. I have been having a few problems running the BIOS program when I am using the array, which has an OS drive in the system. Because the array was having so many problems, I thought that the best option would be to reset the BIOS to default, and try to connect with the array after that had finished. What seems to have happened is that resetting the BIOS has affected the RAID 5 configuration, and it is now back in default mode. I decided to reboot again, and I am getting more default failures in the RAID system. I have two of the drives recovered from the array, including the OS disk, but I have not managed to recover enough disks to extract the data which was saved to the array. Some of the information should have been backed up this morning, but with the array in this position, I was unable to do so. I need to recover that data, plus as much of the other data as possible.